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Do Not Mistake Enthusiasm for Training for Motivation to Train

Don’t mistake “enthusiasm for training” for “Motivation to Train”. Training can be fun. Many people attend training classes as a hobby. Some even consider a course a year with their buddies an annual vacation. Don’t be a hobbyist in the area of defensive skill development. It is great if you gain pleasure from knowing that […]

Live Fire Drills That Force You to Think

The primary difference between practicing to simply “perform” skills and practicing to actually “apply” them is involving the processing of information. In many sports, training includes some aspect of learning to focus exclusively on the task at hand, filtering out distractions. In endeavors such as putting, basketball free-throws, billiards and pitching, athletes practice blocking out […]

Shotgun Shooting Tips From a Pro – Dania Vizzi

Team Winchester member, Dania Vizzi has come a long way in a short time. Only in her mid-20s, the Floridian has been claiming junior, national, and world championships. Shooting literally hundreds of days a year, and going through tens of thousands of Winchester AA cartridges in a season, Vizzi has committed not just to memory, […]

Shooting Tips from Kim Rhode

Six-time Olympic trap-and-skeet shooter, Kim Rhode, has competed in three Olympic shotgun events; trap, double trap, and skeet. She has medaled in all six Olympics since her first one in 1996. That’s six different Olympic games where she has taken on the world’s best shooting sports athletes and won. Rhode has three gold medals (Skeet and […]

Enthusiasm Versus Motivation – Finding Proficiency With Your Firearm

There’s a fine, but bright, line between enthusiasm and motivation. Being enthusiastic about learning defensive skill with firearms is part of the program. Shooting is, and ought to be, fun.  If you are serious, though, about owning and carrying a firearm for protection of your family, friends, and yourself, you need more.  You need a […]

The Winchester Model 70 Alaska’s State Rifle

There’s a formidable feeling shouldering a Winchester Model 70 sighted down range with the crafted Monte Carlo walnut stock. The checkered grip gives my hand a familiar feeling; a feeling of confidence. That’s what you want when hunting the great state of Alaska. Big moments can and do occur in the “Last Frontier.” Tailor-made for […]

Getting a Grip – Proper Handgun Fit

Handgun fit is one of the keys to using your firearm effectively. In fact, after reliability, it is probably the most important aspect in selecting a defensive handgun. Proper handgun fit will make it easier for you to hold, aim, and fire, control recoil, reload, and clear malfunctions.  If your gun doesn’t fit your hand […]

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