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Winchester AA Diamond Grade, NEW for 2020

The shooting discipline of sporting clays has spawned numerous advances in shotgun technology and design. But essential to the sport is the shotshell and its components.  So Winchester® looked at one of the things it excels at, the manufacture of shotshells, and thought about how to make the best better. top quality rifles are now […]

A Great Ram for a Great ManA Great Ram for a Great Man

Regardless of age, sheep hunting in any state isn’t a walk in the park. Some men and women prepare their whole lives for the mountainous endeavor while others have youth on their side. The lure of hunting sheep has an intoxication all its own…really unlike anything I hunt. Hunters will travel great distances to pursue […]

Enough Ammunition – Round & Round

When asked how much ammunition is enough for defensive training and practice, more than one shooter will reply, “All of it!” Regrettably, that answer just isn’t practical. The correct answer, while not “all,” is still, “a lot.”  Becoming a defensive shooter takes three things:  handgun-reliability testing, shooting-skill development, and most essential, practice.  And  all require […]

Don’t Forget the Mighty 10mm

There’s no doubt the 9mm Luger reigns as the most popular caliber for concealed carry today. It achieves a great balance of downrange energy and manageable recoil, especially in concealed carry firearms. However… If you’re searching for a more capable round in terms of terminal performance, and don’t mind larger-framed guns and added recoil, then […]

The Importance of Training with Personal Defense Ammo (Occasionally)

Before trusting one gun and ammo combination, practice with it first to avoid any surprises at the moment of truth. Handguns can be finicky feeders. Don’t assume that because you paid a mint for your new custom 1911 that it will reliably cycle every load you put through it. Indeed, oftentimes the more custom and […]

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