Monthly Archives: July 2022

New From Winchester – Expedition Big Game

White-tailed deer hunting may still be the king of big game hunting across this country with more people pursuing them than any other animal in North America, but going after elk or sheep in the American West or Cape buffalo or other dangerous game in Africa remains the epitome of big game hunting adventure. But this […]

Selecting a Scope to Balance With Your Rifle, Game, Cartridge and Style of Hunting

In many ways, choosing a scope these days is harder than selecting a rifle. You have to decide among 1-inch, 30mm and 34mm main tubes. Will the objective be 36mm, 40mm, 44mm, 50mm, or 56mm? Parallax adjustment dial or not? BDC reticle, duplex, fine, post, heavy, illuminated? Dialing turrets. buy American eagle irt 40 s […]

Now is the Time to Prep for Deer Hunting Season

Don’t wait until the first cool mornings of autumn to kick start your deer season into gear. Right now, while the summer swelter is still in full swing, is when you should actually begin preparing for the upcoming fall. In fact, some of the nation’s first open deer seasons—in both South Carolina and California—are but […]

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