Why Deer Season XP Copper Impact Has Total Knockdown Power

Chris Keefer in Missouri

It’s heartbreaking for a hunter to land the shot, but not locate the buck. We know the scene: The blood trail stops. The search slows. You finally have to admit to yourself that maybe that bruiser is gone……and steals some of your pride and ego right along with it. The trek back to the truck empty-handed can feel like a walk of shame. But there’s no real shame in it, because it happens to the best of us.
https://www.youtube.com/embed/JBc0VkhuQdk?enablejsapi=1&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwinchester.com&widgetid=1. black hills 9mm luger ammo 115 grain

What’s the best way to eliminate this MIA monster buck scenario? 
Eliminate the need for a search. 
The best way to eliminate the need for a search?
Total knockdown power.

If you land a shot that delivers a deadly blow that drops the buck immediately, you won’t need to go looking. The power will stop the deer in its tracks, right in front of your eyes. You’ll know exactly where he is for a quick recovery. It’s easier, and definitely more exciting. 

Enter Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact ammunition. 

Made specifically for deer hunters, Deer Season XP Copper Impact features total knockdown power that will do the job…and then some. Chris Keefer witnessed the power of Copper Impact when he went out on opening day in Missouri. Aim. Shoot. Boom. Down. Celebrate. Now that’s the way to end opening day of whitetail season in the Midwest. black hills 9mm luger ammo 115 grain

Dear Season XP Copper Impact ammo features a few distinct differences from its Deer Season XP counterpart. Both versions of Deer Season XP are designed for devastation. The oversized tip meets the jacket and core for large impact diameter, delivering massive trauma. Deer Season XP Copper Impact, however, is an all-copper bullet, giving a helpful, lead-free alternative for hunters. black hills 9mm luger ammo 115 grain

The solid-copper bullet design of Copper Impact also offers improved weight retention for deeper penetration. It has a red, reinforced polymer tip for product differentiation from standard Deer Season XP loads. This tip mushrooms with force, for efficient, rapid expansion. black hills 9mm luger ammo 115 grain

Both ammunition options of Deer Season XP are made for pure devastation that will deliver on opening day and beyond. In the world of whitetail bucks, why search when you can skip straight to find? Quickly locate the trophy you’ve earned, thanks to the Winchester ammo that made it drop on the spot. 

For more information on Winchester products and Deer Season XP, visit www.winchester.com

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