How to Build Your Own Target for $30.00

Tired of hauling around those heavy targets to and from the range?

If you have about $30 and an hour of time you can easily build a target that is lightweight and easy to transport. is what you’ll need: Materials – 10’ x 1.5” pvc pipe – 2’ x 1.5” pvc pipe – 1.5” pvc “T” fitting (4) – 1.5” pvc 90º elbow (2) – 1.5” to 1.25” pvc adaptor (2) – 1” x 2” x 8’ wood board  


Tools: – Hacksaw- Tape Measure – Hose Clamp – Straight Edge Paper- Marker – Screwdriver 

Shooting Target

 Pro Tips: You can use glue or cement to bond some of the pieces together so you are not reassembling the entire target every time you would like to use it. Also if you are looking to add more weight to the base you could pick up some pvc pipe covers and fill the base with rocks or sand!

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