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Winchester Legend Award: Marion McCollum

Last year, Winchester® presented the first “Winchester Legend Award” to six-time Olympic shooting medalist, Kim Rhode. Now, Winchester honors outdoor marketing luminary Marion McCollum of Mack’s Prairie Wings with the presentation of its second Winchester Legend Award. Many stories of success include right place-right time.  In the case of Mack’s and the McCollum family, it was virtually […]

Turkey Prep #101 – Pattern Your Shotgun

For the most part, game birds are like buses: Miss one and there’s another coming along soon. That’s not the case with wild turkey.  Turkey may represent the one kind of shotgun hunting in which an entire season comes down to a single shot.  And to make that shot count demands particular attention to detail.  HORNADY FRONTIER 5.56NATO 55GR FMJ […]

A Major Part of Hunting – Mental Toughness

To me, the single most important aspect of adverse hunting is mental toughness. The ability to be wet, cold, sore, tired, and borderline hypothermic and to continue to press on hunting separates the average from the better hunter. This is easier said than done, but eventually you will hit a threshold that either makes you […]

Getting Used to Firearm Platforms for the First-Time Gun Owner

First-time gun owners have a bright spot to focus on – they are essentially a “clean slate” when it comes to developing safe firearm-handling habits and proper technique. I’m going to share a few tips for each platform: rifle, pistol and shotgun. The goal is for you to use this information to safely start enjoying […]

Shotgun Shooting Tips From a Pro – Dania Vizzi

Team Winchester member, Dania Vizzi has come a long way in a short time. Only in her mid-20s, the Floridian has been claiming junior, national, and world championships. Shooting literally hundreds of days a year, and going through tens of thousands of Winchester AA cartridges in a season, Vizzi has committed not just to memory, […]

So I Purchased a Handgun. Now What?

It doesn’t matter when or why you decided to join the ranks of law-abiding gun owners; now you’re here, and millions of like-minded Americans welcome you! But merely owning a firearm and being responsible doesn’t magically make you safe. You must develop the necessary attitude, knowledge and skills to be confident and competent if you must use it. But […]

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