Third Annual NSSF Shooting Sports Month

For the third year running, the lead trade association of the firearms industry, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), takes pride in designating August National Shooting Sports Month.

Thirty-one days of celebrating what is probably America’s most traditional and longest lasting passion and pastime–target shooting.  From turkey shoots in the backwoods frontier to sporting clays at virtual country-club facilities, the shooting sports have always had something for everyone.  buy real gun online

Third Annual NSSF Shooting Sports Month

The shooting sports not only offer a bountiful array of disciplines and games for both fundamental practice and just plain fun, enjoyable atmosphere for activities that draw together millions of family and friends at ranges and events across the country.  Not only that, but the shooting sports present little or no age barrier, for men or women, boys or girls, to enthusiastic participation. buy real gun online

National Shooting Sports Month provides a special opportunity for shooting facilities and retail outlets to promote even wider participation among shooters new to the sport, a reboot for shooters who may not be getting as much trigger time as they once did, and an added burst of energy for those for whom shooting is a regular part of their weekly routine.   buy real gun online

Women Shooters

And once again, Winchester Ammunition takes pride in being a major supporter of the month’s efforts, activities, and promotions. Doing its part for National Shooting Sports Month, Winchester is happy to announce plenty of prizes to be given away during the month. Make certain to follow Winchester’s social channels to learn more and to participate in weekly contests. Some of the prizes include: caps, range bags, ammunition, AA shooting gear & ammunition, and a Grand Prize of 350 Legend gear and ammo.

Make August your new favorite month for renewing your connection to the shooting sports, opening the way to increased participation in all the months of the year. 

Ethnic Shooting

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