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2019 North Central Regional N.S.C.A. Championship Tour

The Loneliest Sport “…the closest game to the game we call life…” –Bobby Jones At the level of friends and pastime, it is among the most sociable sports there is, with tens of millions participating.  Raise it to a prize competition, though, and it whipsaws to among the most heartless.  available guns for sale online […]

Choosing a Sensible Pistol for Self Defense Situations

Compact Single Stack Pistols are commonly carried for defense but far too often, people don’t train or practice with them as much as they should. Smaller guns are harder to shoot, less fun to shoot and more work to run… but, that’s no excuse not to spend time working with and thinking about the gun […]

How Much Ammo is Enough?

How much ammunition is enough? “All of it!” is not the correct answer… though it sounds fun. The fact is that defensive shooting skill development, reliability testing with defensive ammunition and practice all require a lot of ammunition. But just how much is, well, enough? What should you consider a bare minimum in each endeavor?  […]

Third Annual NSSF Shooting Sports Month

For the third year running, the lead trade association of the firearms industry, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), takes pride in designating August National Shooting Sports Month. Thirty-one days of celebrating what is probably America’s most traditional and longest lasting passion and pastime–target shooting.  From turkey shoots in the backwoods frontier to sporting clays […]

How is Your Ground Game? And We’re Not Talking Football

“Just save the tenderloins and backstraps and grind the rest into burger.” The statement above is heard all too often by processors across the country. I supposed that many of us who drag home antlered-game just don’t know what to do with the “other parts”. From the processors we get annoying packs of butterflied backstrap […]

Here Comes Winchester’s New 350 Legend

The devil, as we know, is in the details. Natural resources departments have been looking for ways to increase participation in licensed hunting, especially for white-tailed deer where populations continue at unprecedented levels while hunter numbers have overall. purchase ati omni hybrid maxx online .declined. Which is why several prime Midwestern deer states have established regulations […]

Winchester Blind Side – a Most Lethal Waterfowl Load

As waterfowl season approaches, many people head out to the field with the exact same gear they’ve used for years. They figure it worked then and it will continue to work now.  That said, there seems to always be room for improvement. order guns online now =1& Winchester is a company that has always been […]

Three Tips For A Successful Deer Hunting Season

There is a chill in the air reminding me that deer season is almost here. Unquestionably the most important factor that will determine success is how prepared you are. There are many ways to prepare for deer season, but there are a few fundamental tips that are necessary no matter where you live. order Beretta […]

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