Monthly Archives: August 2021

“The Last Frontier” Big Game Hunting

When people talk about performance on big game animals, there’s no better place to test the reliability than Alaska. From Brown bear to blacktail deer and everything in between, Alaska puts the “Big Game” in the Expedition Big Game Long Range line up. buy arml m153gn18 m15 wyl 3gun The past two hunting seasons I’ve used the […]

How Clay Shooting Will Make You a Better Wing-Shooter

Growing up in central Minnesota shooting sports were a common practice. We shot clay pigeons in the back yard and had lots of family fun together. As I got older I continued to participate in shooting sports and quickly realized how much it helps on improving my wing-shooting skills buy Beretta 92G Elite LTT=1& kids […]

Choosing a Sensible Pistol for Self Defense Situations

Compact Single Stack Pistols are commonly carried for defense but far too often, people don’t train or practice with them as much as they should. Smaller guns are harder to shoot, less fun to shoot and more work to run… but, that’s no excuse not to spend time working with and thinking about the gun […]

How Much Ammo is Enough?

How much ammunition is enough? “All of it!” is not the correct answer… though it sounds fun. The fact is that defensive shooting skill development, reliability testing with defensive ammunition and practice all require a lot of ammunition. But just how much is, well, enough? What should you consider a bare minimum in each endeavor? RUGER […]

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